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  • Online porting is not possible at this stage, however in the near future our customers will be able to initiate porting and join our network completely remotely - online.

  • To keep your number you need to start the porting process to mobineX. In such a case, you will retain your current phone number, but you will be a mobineX subscriber and enjoy our services and amenities.

  • Requesting and receiving a PAC code is completely free.

  • If you have no debt with your current operator, we will register you as a mobineX subscriber in a few minutes. The technical term for direct porting is 2 days.

  • To receive the PAC code, you should send the word - PAC - to the number - 65075 as an SMS from the number to be ported.

  • PAC - PORTING AUTHORIZATION CODE – is a code that, after sending, the current operator returns information about your current obligations. If you have no debt with the current operator, you immediately start the porting process to mobineX.

  • To start the porting process, you must first request a PAC - PORTING AUTHORIZATION CODE from the current operator. In Great Britain, any network subscriber sends the word - PAC - to 65075 as an SMS from a portable number.

    After that, you will receive an automated message from the current operator, which will either include the PAC code at the beginning - a combination of randomly selected numbers, or will be asked to send additional details for identification using the REPLY function, such as date of birth.

    After submitting the PAC code, the registration in the mobineX program starts and you will be given a SIM card. The term of the porting procedure is determined within 2 working days after the application is registered. After the porting is complete, you activate your mobineX number and start using our network.

  • Porting is currently possible from our branches. In the future, it will be possible to go through the porting process completely remotely, online.

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