mobineX - A new mobile operator MVNO in UK


About Us

mobineX is a young startup company born in one of the largest holding spaces in Georgia, full of new ideas, big goals and plans. The companies included in our holding - INTELIEXPRESS, Inex Group or inexPhone have been operating for years worldwide in such industries as money transfers, parcels or telephone services. It was as a result of studying the behavior and needs of our customers that we decided to create the company mobineX, which would allow customers to get the perfect mobile phone service. For technical support, we fully use the services and equipment of large international partners, therefore the quality of telephone service is perfect and uninterrupted.

Our Mission

In our view, it is possible to see the existing situation in the world through a different prism and give a new name to a dry functional mechanism, add content and emotion, which in turn brings a new pleasant experience. That is why our mission is to give people the opportunity to see and give emotional meaning to traditional services and receiving services in a new way, and above all, to make them feel that there are no boundaries. mobineX – Above Borders.

Our Partners