Our Services

We are a new mobile operator in Great Britain. Our goal is to provide our customers with the perfect mobile phone service and offer additional benefits from our ecosystem.

Voice Calls

MobineX provides a comprehensive phone service enabling users to make and receive local or global calls from any country or operator. Our reliable and user-friendly service offers flexibility and convenience to our customers.

With our packages, users can enjoy unlimited local calling minutes, and with competitive pricing, they can make global calls with ease.

Our exceptional service and affordable pricing ensure our users have the best experience possible.


mobileX provides a comprehensive range of services that enable users to seamlessly send and receive text messages, whether locally or globally. Through our services, users can conveniently communicate with their contacts via SMS without limitations.

Our packages come equipped with unlimited SMS sending capabilities, ensuring that our users can stay connected with their friends, family, and colleagues without any constraints.

With mobileX, you can enjoy reliable, efficient, and cost-effective SMS services that cater to your communication needs

Mobile Data

At mobileX, we offer top-notch internet services to our users. Through our trusted international partners, we provide high-quality mobile internet that ensures reliable and uninterrupted online access for mobile phones.

Our packages are designed to cater to the unique needs of our users, and they come equipped with varying amounts of mobile internet. Whether you require a small amount of mobile internet for occasional browsing or a large amount for heavy usage, we have a package that suits your needs. The cost of each package is determined by the amount of mobile internet included.

With mobileX, you can enjoy fast and affordable mobile internet that meets your needs and budget. Our packages offer a range of mobile internet services, ensuring that our users can stay connected and productive on the go. Experience the convenience of reliable and high-speed mobile internet with mobileX.

Embrace the Power of Our Ecosystem: Discover Exclusive Benefits and Services

At Mobinex, we take pride in being a member company of an international holding with Georgian roots. With over 17 years of global operation across various sectors, including telecommunications, financial services, postal networks, tourism, and more, our diverse holding allows us to offer our subscribers exclusive benefits from our affiliated companies.

When you become a Mobinex subscriber, you automatically gain access to our vibrant ecosystem, entitling you to enjoy exclusive rates and services from our partner companies. Our aim is to support and simplify the lives of immigrants living in different countries by developing products and services tailored to their unique needs.

As a gift to our valued Mobinex users, we provide the inexPHONE application, enabling unlimited calls all around the world at a discounted price. Additionally, our subscribers receive exclusive discounts on Inex Group services and enjoy special pricing when making money transfers with Intelexpress