19 Standard Price

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12.00 For Month
Bundle Details:

Calls/SMS - Unlimited

Mobile Data - 3 GB

Inex Group - -7% discount

Unlim Voice & SMS + 3GB

Experience the ultimate freedom with our Mobile Phone Plan Bundle, offering unlimited voice calls and SMS, paired with a substantial 3GB of high-speed 5G data. This plan is designed for customers who crave seamless communication and want to enjoy a significant amount of data for various online activities, all powered by the best coverage available in the UK.

With our lightning-fast 5G high-speed data connection, you can browse the internet, stream music and videos, stay active on social media, and download apps and files with incredible speed. Our cutting-edge 5G network provides unmatched reliability, ensuring you have a superior mobile internet experience.

Say goodbye to worries about exceeding data limits or facing unexpected charges. Our Mobile Phone Plan Bundle ensures you have the data you need to stay connected, entertained, and productive throughout the month, backed by the best coverage available in the UK.