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Calls/SMS - Unlimited

Mobile Data - 100GB

inexPHONE - 500 min worldwide 

Inex Group - -20% discount

Bundle doesn't include Data Roaming

100GB + Unlim Voice & SMS + 500 international min*

Introducing our "100GB + " Bundle

Discover the pinnacle of mobile connectivity with our 100GB + Mobile Bundle. This extraordinary bundle offers unlimited voice calls, SMS, and an hefty 100GB of lightning-fast 5G mobile data. It's the ultimate choice for customers who require serious data capacity to fuel their digital endeavors.

Please note that the package does not include roaming calls and internet services. If you plan to travel to Europe and require roaming services, you can purchase your Data Roaming Pass from your personal cabinet. Alternatively, you can select one of our Data Roaming or Voice & Data Roaming bundles.

IMPORTANT - 500 International Minutes available via our VoIP app 'InexPHONE' at www.inexphone.ge. Please contact Customer Care for more details