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11.00 For Month
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Calls/SMS - Unlimited

Mobile Data - 30 GB

inexPHONE - Gift

Inex Group - -14% discount

Bundle doesn't include Data Roaming

Unlim Voice & SMS + 30GB

Introducing our Premium Mobile Phone Plan Bundle:

Elevate your mobile experience with our Premium Mobile Phone Plan Bundle, offering unlimited voice calls and SMS, along with an impressive 30GB of lightning-fast 5G data. This premium bundle is perfect for customers who demand a significant amount of data to fuel their digital lifestyle, providing ample capacity for all your browsing, streaming, downloading, and more.

With an extraordinary 30GB of high-speed mobile data, you can immerse yourself in seamless browsing, stream your favorite movies and shows in HD, upload and download large files with ease, and enjoy uninterrupted access to all your favorite online activities. Our Premium Mobile Phone Plan Bundle empowers you to do more, enabling you to stay connected, entertained, and productive like never before.

By opting for our 30GB bundle, you gain three times the data capacity compared to our 10GB bundle. While the price may be slightly higher, the value you receive is unmatched. Investing in 30GB ensures you have the freedom to fully embrace your digital lifestyle without worrying about data limitations or running out of capacity. It's the smart choice for those who demand the best and crave unparalleled connectivity.

Upgrade to our Premium Mobile Phone Plan Bundle today and unlock a world of possibilities with 30GB of lightning-fast 5G data. Stay ahead, stay connected, and enjoy the ultimate mobile experience.

Please note that the package does not include roaming calls and internet services. If you plan to travel to Europe and require roaming services, we recommend purchasing data roaming from your personal cabinet. Alternatively, you can select a bundle from our Data Roaming or Voice & Data Roaming packages.