“Why was mobineX created?”

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"mobineX is new mobile operator in the UK. mobineX is a member of the International Holding company originated from Georgia. The holding has been operating for more than 17 years across various industries such as international money transfers, international postal networks and telecommunications.

We combined the youthful ideas with our long-term experience in our holding to create new mobile operator in the UK.

We offer our customers full mobile telecommunication services, including local and international calls, SMS and mobile data. Our customers can use both universal unlimited bundles and different services tailored to their needs, such as calls only, mobile data or SMS.

Being part of the holding, mobineX has the ability to make subscribers members of the ecosystem and provide them with various exclusive offerings and pricing.

We take pride in our service and network, which enable subscribers to make calls and send SMS messages between the UK and Georgia for free using our mobile application.

Around 6 months ago, we gained access to the international network. After successfully completing all testing, we are now ready to officially commence operations in the UK starting from May 2023.

I firmly believe that mobineX will transcend the boundaries of the UK and establish itself as a global mobile operator, providing services worldwide, including in Georgia."

Rati Akhvlediani

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of mobineX