“How mobineX and inexPHONE are related”

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As a subsidiary brand of one of the largest holding companies in Georgia, our main focus at mobileX is to serve the Georgian community residing in Great Britain. That's why we provide our mobileX users with access to the inexPHONE application, which offers a range of communication services.


The inexPHONE application is compatible with both IOS and ANDROID operating systems, and it allows users to send SMS and make calls to any mobile operator in Georgia, city telephones, and call centers of companies. One of the key advantages of using the inexPHONE application is that the recipient of the call does not need access to the internet, unlike standard applications.


With the inexPHONE application, we can offer our Georgian mobileX users a comprehensive telephone service that includes unlimited local calls and SMS, global calls and SMS at a competitive price, the fastest mobile internet, and free calls and SMS to Georgia. At mobileX, we are committed to providing our users with the best communication services, and the inexPHONE application is a testament to our commitment.