“Who is mobineX created for?”

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"Our company is part of a large holding that has been offering various services, including money transfers, parcel delivery, and telecommunications services around the globe for over 17 years.

This experience led us to create mobinex. The advancement of technology has provided us with the opportunity to enter the mobile industry and offer mobile services to both current and potential customers of our holding.

An important fact is that, unlike other mobile operators in the UK, we provide our customers with the opportunity to become members of our ecosystem, which includes exclusive offers for services provided by our holding company.   

Furthermore, we offer additional intangible value for our Georgian subscribers. Specifically, our Georgian subscribers will benefit from 24-hour telephone consultation services provided in their native Georgian language. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that apart from our remote services, Mobinex operates in three service points in London.

Certainly, our services are also accessible to other nationalities residing in the UK, including Ukrainians, Filipinos, and even native British people. For each of these groups, we have developed a unique communication strategy and crafted exclusive offers that cater to their specific requirements.

During the initial stage of our operations, our primary challenge and mission revolve around facilitating seamless communication between Georgian immigrants residing in Great Britain and their homeland. Through our unified ecosystem, we aim to break down invisible barriers and enable effortless connections."

Mariam Kakabadze

Managing Partner of mobineX